Computational tools for risk analysis in agro-food SMEs

These risk assessment tools for workers’ health and safety, are a general obligation of employers and companies. See more->

5'S computational tool

The 5S methodology helps companies to improve their level of organization by reducing wasted resources and space, with the goal of increasing operational efficiency. See more->

+Agro Analytics

It is an interactive computer tool for keyword research, created based on the collection of experimental data and information in the companies of the subsectors under study to characterize the conditions of hygiene and safety at work, energy efficiency and production process of agro-food companies subsectors of meat, horticultural, dairy and bakery products. See more->

FaST Tool

A simplified and easy-to-use occupational risk assessment tool for the adoption of risk control solutions and the consequent improvement of working conditions.
The design of this tool also sought to respond to the need to provide an instrument capable of being used without the use of the internet or the installation of specific software. See more->