Computational tool of integrated enterprise management system

This tool is a simplified and adapted to companies in the agrifood sector ERP -enterprise resources planning- software that allows managing, in an integrated way and in a single platform, the flows of materials and the operations of a company. It is based on a modular system that can be easily adapted to the specific needs of each company. It allows remote access to, for example, order placements by vendors. It integrates, among others, modules for purchase, sales (including customer and proposal follow-up), inventory management, planning and quality control. Reports are generated automatically that can be used to evaluate the company’s performance. [link soon]

Energy sources

This tool implements widely accepted concepts concerning the ambient impact of the used energy sources. See more->

5'S computational tool

The 5S methodology helps companies to improve their level of organization by reducing wasted resources and space, with the goal of increasing operational efficiency. See more->

+Agro Analytics

It is an interactive computer tool for keyword research, created based on the collection of experimental data and information in the companies of the subsectors under study to characterize the conditions of hygiene and safety at work, energy efficiency and production process of agro-food companies subsectors of meat, horticultural, dairy and bakery products. See more->