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+ Agro Organizational efficiency comprises:

  • Creation of an innovative tool for the optimization of production management by analysis and characterization of technological, organizational and management methods of productive systems adapted to the companies of each subsector;
  • Awareness to the relevance of issues related to correct planning, monitoring and management of production, of maintenance and of resources of the company (equipment, materials and human), hygiene and safety, times and methods, logistics among other functions;
  • Training of SMEs for innovation in this field and for the use of the tools created within the project.

The results intend to improve the performance and competitiveness of companies by:

  • Rationalization of the use of resources;
  • Improvement of the output quality of the production processes;
  • Minimization of variability in manufacturing and business processes;
  • Time reduction of the process cycle;
  • Reduction of emissions and waste;
  • Costs reduction.